#25: Robert McKee special: The Night Of — The Importance of Research

On the Story Toolkit this week we have a special guest interview with teacher of substance, structure, style and principles of storytelling Robert McKee (author of STORY and DIALOGUE). He talks about research and authenticity in the excellent HBO mini-series, THE NIGHT OF.

Be sure to check out mckeestory.com for more writing resources.

2:25 – ‘Intro’ – Outlining the THE NIGHT OF.
3:55 – ‘Authenticity’ – Breaking down how well researched the show is.
12:15 – ‘Choices’ – Analysing authenticity at a character level.
21:20 – ‘Psychology’ – Detailing the depth to which THE NIGHT OF explores; character, institutions, family, law, police and their effect on the individual.
31:30 – ‘Dehumanisation’ – Discussing institutions and the quality acting in THE NIGHT OF.
40:30 – ‘Cinema’ – Discussing the rise of TV as the new Cinema in terms of Social Drama.
48:00 – ‘Morality’ – Continuing the discussion on Cinema and the decline of morality.
49:55 – ‘Summary’ – McKee discusses what lessons the writer can take away from the THE NIGHT OF.

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