#29: Rogue One – The Irony of Prequels

STAR WARS is back with an amazing prequel with ROGUE ONE and we examine how a prequel uses dramatic irony to enrich the original.

2-35 – ‘Premise’ – Recapping the major story beats of Rogue One.
5-00 – ‘Mercy Scene’ – Breaking down why the mercy scene was the only weak point of Action in the movie.
10-45 – ‘Plot Hole’ – Detailing how ROGUE ONE uses a plot hole from A NEW HOPE to generate a great plot.
20-00 – ‘Stakes’ – Discussing the raised stakes of A NEW HOPE.
30-30 – ‘Pay Offs’ – Analysing ROGUE ONE’s clever use of set ups to retroactively pay off elements in A NEW HOPE.
43-30 – ‘Insight’ – Cross referencing the insight ROGUE ONE offers into the STAR WARS world versus how little is given by FORCE AWAKENS.
1-01-35 – ‘Characters’ – Breaking down the finely crafted cast and the fresh life the film breathes into archetypes.
1-12-30 – ‘Summary’ – Recapping the writing tools discussed.

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