#31: Firefly: Out of Gas — Polarising the Cast

Fellow Browncoats, we finally get to talking about FIREFLY, and our favourite episode of the series; OUT OF GAS!

1-35 – ‘Premise’ – Outlining FIREFLY’s terrifically realised terrific and its great cast.
12-10 – ‘Out of Gas’ – Breaks down the episode Out of Gas’ key story beats.
17-30 – ‘Polarisation’ – Discussing how a well designed cast react differently to the same story event.
32-20 – ‘Deliniation’ – Detailing the excellent choices Tim Minnear made to delineate the cast.
39-40 – ‘Exposition’ – Picking through the superb way FIREFLY deals with exposition.
55-40 – ‘Controlling Idea’ – Discussing the Controlling Idea of the episode and how it is realised.
59-30 – ‘Summary’ – Recapping the writing techniques discussed.  

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3 thoughts on “#31: Firefly: Out of Gas — Polarising the Cast

  1. Out of Gas is my favorite episode of one of my favorite TV shows ever. I only wish it had been 90 minutes because… I have questions. So many questions… and it would have been great to have seen the crew in the shuttles, the moment Zoe awakens, the moment someone (who?) in each shuttle says “We have to go back.” Would River know that Mal has been hurt or that he’s repaired Serenity? I can imagine a very spirited debate between Inara, Book, Kaylee, and Jayne about the merits of continuing or returning.

    And I imagine that the Bad Guy in the red sash came back for Serenity (ooh, look, now they have shuttles!), only to find Jayne Cobb and Vera waiting at the airlock for him…

    But even with all those hankerings left unrequited, it was still utterly brilliant.


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