#32: The Girl on the Train — Blending Genres

We talk about the film adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ novel and how it blends two genres together: Crime and the Social Drama.

1-00 – ‘Premise’ – Outlining the major story beats of GIRL ON THE TRAIN.
11-45 – ‘Empathy’ – Addressing how Paula Hawkins keeps you in empathy with the protagonist.
14-35 – ‘Genre’ – Breaking the two principal genres of GIRL ON THE TRAIN; Crime and Social Drama.
26-30 – ‘Blending’ – Analysing how the film blends Crime and Social Drama using the dramatic question and emotional interest.
38-35 – ‘Pacing’ – Comparing our differing opinions on the pacing of the film.
44-15 – ‘Comparisons’ – Comparing how THE NIGHT OF and THE WIRE blends the same genres with a very different effect.
55-30 – ‘Summary’ – Recapping the story tools discussed.

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