#33 Inglourious Basterds — Style Inform Choices

Looking over the work of Quentin Tarantino, we show how the unique style of the director influences the writing choices. Royalty free music by Bensound. Stock image by George Hodan.

1-40 – ‘Tarantino’ – Outlining Tarantino’s impressive collection of works.
4-45 – ‘Premise’ – Breaking down the major story beats of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.
10-20 – ‘Style’ – Analysing Tarantino’s Style using key examples from INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, RESERVOIR DOGS and PULP FICTION.
23-55 – ‘Choices’ – Detailing how his style influences the way he writes and the choices he makes.
33-00 – ‘Diffusing/Attacking’ – Understanding how Tarantino uses to violence to attack institutions and comedy to diffuse tension.
41-25 – ‘Summary’ – Summing up the writing tools discussed and what we can learn for our own writing. Includes a shout out to our Top Ten episode.


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