#34: Unbreakable — Style Over Substance

We show how M Night Shyamalan’s films display incredible stylistic skill, but ultimately, lack any substance of merit, as shown in UNBREAKABLE.

1-00 – ‘Listener Question‘ – Introducing the topic suggested by a listener.
4-15 – ‘Synopsis‘ – Breaking down the major story beats of UNBREAKABLE.
12-30 – ‘Style‘ – Outlining the many qualities of Shyamalan’s directorial Style.
20-00 – ‘Substance‘ – Analysing why Shyamalan’s writing is lacking in Substance, focusing on the Image System, Subtext and lack of Depth.
37-00 – ‘Movies‘ – Highlighting the key storytelling faults in his other movies such as SIXTH SENSE, SIGNS and THE HAPPENING.
50-15 – ‘Taste‘ – Understanding the difference between Taste and Quality.
60-30 – ‘Summary‘ – A very brief summation.  

Royalty free music from Bensound. Logo design by the Proxy Guy.


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