#35: Die Hard — Sequence Structure

One of our listeners asked about writing sequences, so we breakdown the sequences of DIE HARD. Royalty free music from Bensound. Logo design by the Proxy Guy.

1-00 – ‘Listener Question‘ – Introducing the question from a listener.
3-15 – ‘Synopsis‘ – Breaking down the Sequences, or major story beats, of DIE HARD.
9-45 – ‘Acts‘ – Outlining the Act breakdown of DIE HARD.
13-00 – ‘Sequence‘ – Analysing the ‘McClane Takes The Gun’ Sequence, scene by scene.
19-50 – ‘Problems‘ – Discussing the problems inherent in consciously thinking about Sequences as you write.
30-20 – ‘Purpose‘ – Discussing the positives of having the know how and vocabulary to think about Sequences. We compare DIE HARD with two other key examples.
49-50  – ‘Practice‘ – Outlining the balance needed between Intuitive and Analytical writing.
57-20 – ‘Summary‘ – Summing up how we can use what we’ve discussed in our own writing.

ACT I – Hans Takes The Plaza
ACT II – The Police Get Involved
ACT III – The FBI Opens The Vault
ACT IV – Yippee Kay-Ay

1 – Hans Takes The Plaza
2 – McClane Takes The Gun
3 – The Police Get Involved
4 – Gruber vs The Police
5 – Ellis
6 – Hans Tricks Mclane
7 – Gruber Gets The Detonators
8 – The FBI Opens The Vault
9 – Gruber Kidnaps Holly
10 – Gruber Blows The Roof
11 – Climax – Yipee Kay-Ay

1 – Finds an empty floor
2 – Hans gets Takagi
3 – McClane gets trapped
4 – Gruber kills Takagi
5 – Gruber has a plan
6 – McClane pulls a fire alarm
7 – McClane kills a terrorist
8 – Theo cracks the code
9 – McClane takes the gun


One thought on “#35: Die Hard — Sequence Structure

  1. Gentlemen, Just listened to your Podcast and I have to thank you for parting the clouds and leading me back into the sunshine. I have tossed the shackles of structure to the side, now that I have a better understanding of sequences and the role they play in my scripts.

    You made me feel like I was in the room with you and I am now in your debt. If we ever meet, the drinks are on me.


    Bob Woods


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