#36: Ocean’s Eleven — The Style of a Heist

Author Adam Maxwell asks us to take a look at the Heist genre, so we look at it through the lens of the Clooney-remake of OCEAN’S ELEVEN.

3-30 – ‘Synopsis’ – Breaking down the major story beats of OCEAN’S ELEVEN.
12-20 – ‘Roles’ – Outlining the character roles of a Crime story; Criminal, Victim and Detective.
17-00 – ‘Definition’ – Defining the heist story and how it fits within the Crime genre.
27-00 – ‘Mark and Score’ – Analysing the function of the mark and the score within the heist story.
34-40 – ‘The Plan’ – Analysing the function of the planning stages of the heist.
41-00 – ‘The Heist’ – Analysing the function, and fun, of the heist section of the story.
47-35 – ‘Exposure’ – Analysing the core event of exposing your criminal to the world of your story.
52-45 – ‘Double Bluff’ – Discussing the unique way in which Danny Ocean gets away with the crime.
1-10-45 – ‘Clueing’ – Considering different ways of using clue your Crime story and how this is done from the criminal’s point of view.
1-15-45 – ‘Summary’ – Summarising how we can use the techniques discussed in our own writing.

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