#37: Watchmen — Image Systems and Controlling Ideas

We talk about how image systems express the controlling idea of a work in Alan Moore’s comic series, WATCHMEN.

1-25 – ‘Synopsis’ – Breaking down the major story beats of WATCHMEN.
9-30 – ‘Definitions’ – Clarifying the terminology of ‘Image Systems’ and ‘Controlling Idea’.
14-10 – ‘Controlling Idea’ – Analysing the WATCHMEN Controlling Idea and how it is expressed in the story.
28-15 – ‘Image System’ – Analysing the two Image Systems in the story centered around the idea of ‘futility’.
40-15 – ‘Counterpoint’ – Considering Art movies as an example of stories that use images beautifully, but not Image Systems.
49-15 – ‘Adaptation’ – Discussing the failings of Zak Snyder’s movie adaptation.
54-40 – ‘Summary’ – Summarising how we can use the techniques discussed in our own writing.

Royalty free music from Bensound. Logo design by the Proxy Guy.


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