#38: The Sopranos — Institutionalizing Your Cast

We use THE SOPRANOS cast design to talk about creating an institution within your cast to ground their relationship dynamics.

1-50 – ‘Institutionalizing’ – Defining the process of Institutionalizing your cast.
24-00 – ‘Synopsis’ – Breaking down the major story beats of The Sopranos.
29-10 – ‘Example’ – Analysing THE SOPRANOS and how it uses the institutions of The Mob and Family.
1-00-30 – ‘Comparison’ – Analysing the social politics-centric institution of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY versus the lack of one in SUICIDE SQUAD.
1-14-00 – ‘Summary’ – Summarising how we can use the techniques discussed in our own writing.

The Elements of Institutionalizing Your Cast

  • Creating Subtext
  • Polarizing/Dimensionalizing
  • Creating Imagery
  • Generating Turns
  • Hiding Exposition
  • Generating Tactics

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