#39: Breaking Bad — Creating a Pilot

We breakdown the pilot to BREAKING BAD to examine the elements necessary for a pilot for a long-form series.

0-30 – ‘Premise’ – Introducing the premise of the episode.
6-40 – ‘Synopsis’ – Breaking down the major story beats of the BREAKING BAD pilot.
14-30 – ‘Pilot’- Discussing the purpose of a pilot episode and the elements you need to address as a writer including; Dramatic Question, Empathy and Exposition.
36-45 – ‘Example’ – Analysing the pilot episode of BREAKING BAD and how it uses all these elements to hook the audience.
1-03-20 – ‘Counterpoint’ – Referencing examples of shows that failed to address each of the elements.
1-21-45 – ‘Research’ – Discussing a useful research tool the writer of a pilot can use.
1-24-15 – ‘Summary’ – Summarising the key writing techniques discussed.

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