#41: The Matrix — Rules of Fantasy

This week we examine the nature of building a fantasy world by looking at the first film in THE MATRIX trilogy. Royalty free music from Bensound. Logo design by the Proxy Guy.

2:51- ‘Synopsis’ – Breaking down the major story beats of THE MATRIX, with reference to The Hero’s Journey.

8:48 – ‘Rules’ – Outlining the principles of creating Rules for your Fantasy world.

23:17 – ‘Fantasy’- Discussing where Fantasy sits in the spectrum between Absurdism and Factualism, and how each use coincidence.

31:59 – ‘Exploiting’ – Analyzing how THE MATRIX exploits its rules to create exciting action sequences.

36:46- ‘Animatrix’ – Discussing how a rich Fantasy world can leave room for exploration, as with THE ANIMATRIX.

41:42 – ‘Stepping Out’ – Analyzing the Fantasy boundaries and the pitfalls of allowing yourself to step outside the rules of your world.

53:43 – ‘Iceman’ – Breaking down the counter examples of X-MEN’s Iceman and Banshee.

1:05:50 – ‘Summary’ – Summarizing the key writing techniques discussed.


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