#42: Black Mirror: Nosedive — Contrivance vs Conflict

We breakdown the premiere episode of the third season of BLACK MIRROR, “NOSEDIVE” and examine the qualitative differences between contrivances and conflicts. Royalty free music from Bensound. Logo design by the Proxy Guy.

1:52 – ‘Premise’ – Outlining why we are talking about BLACK MIRROR.

5:23 – ‘Synopsis’ – Breaking down the major story beats of the BLACK MIRROR episode ‘Nosedive’.

17:05 – ‘Contrivances’ – Outlining the flawed use of Contrivances within the BLACK MIRROR episode.

22:07 – ‘Conflict’- Comparing true Conflict with Contrivances.

27:42 – ‘Clockwise’ – Analysing how the 1986 John Cleese film CLOCKWISE uses Conflict.

45:34 – ‘Nosedive’ – Discussing how Nosedive uses Internal Conflict to good effect.

59:01 – ‘Summary’ – Summarising the key writing techniques discussed.


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