#43: The People v OJ Simpson — Adapting from a Single Source

We have a special guest: Willard Foxton-Todd! An old friend and now journalist and documentary filmmaker who has worked on numerous programmes such as REGGIE YATES EXTREME, talking about adapting a drama from a real-world single source. Royalty free music from Bensound. Logo design by the Proxy Guy.

0-50 – ‘Premise’ – Introducing our special guest Willard Foxton-Todd.

2-50 – ‘Synopsis’ – Willard breaks down the major story beats of the THE PEOPLE VS O.J.

11-00 – ‘Source’ – Outlining the benefits of creating historical drama from a single source.

17-50 – ‘Pacific’- Comparing the example of THE PEOPLE VS O.J. with PACIFIC, which used numerous sources. .

22-00 – ‘Cast’ – Analysing the choice of characters made by the writers’.

41-10 – ‘Documentary’ – Discussing how the ESPN OJ Simpson documentary differs from the dramatisation.  

55-50 – ‘Summary’ – Summarising the key writing techniques discussed.


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