#46: Band of Brothers: Currahee — Adapting from Real Life

Willard Foxton returns! He takes us through the first episode of the HBO mini-series, BAND OF BROTHERS, discussing the nature of how and why certain choices were made in the production. Royalty free music from Bensound. Logo design by The Proxy Guy.

0-40 – ‘Premise’ – Introducing our special guest Willard Foxton-Todd.

4-40 – ‘Synopsis’ – Willard breaks down the major story beats of Currahee, Episode 1 of BAND OF BROTHERS.

9-40 – ‘Montage’ – Outlining how to use montage to establish character.

24-00 – ‘POV’- Looking at how BAND OF BROTHERS draws from one particular point of view of events.

38-00 – ‘Cast’ – Analysing the importance of casting in BAND OF BROTHERS.

45-00 – ‘Facts’ – Discussing the show’s use of facts.

1-02-00 – ‘Episodes’ – Discussing the show’s use of closed episodes.

1-06-30 – ‘Pacific’ – Breaking down why PACIFIC failed where BAND OF BROTHERS succeeded.

1-22-30 – ‘Summary’ – Summarising the key writing techniques discussed.


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