#50: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — The Form of Syndicated Television Writing

This week we talk STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE and THE FLASH and the form of syndiated television writing and how the necessities of that form have changed due to technology. Royalty free music from Bensound. Logo design by The Proxy Guy.

3:50 – ‘Premise’ – Outlining DEEP SPACE NINE.

4:50 – ‘Form’ – Breaking down the format of episodic television.

19:25 – ‘A Story’- Outlining examples of a DEEP SPACE NINE A story.

34:15 – ‘B/C Story’ – Discussing further examples of a B/C story.

41:35 – ‘Soap’ – Breaking down the soap opera elements of DEEP SPACE NINE and why they worked.

47:40 – ‘Longform’ – Discussing how the show began to ape BABYLON 5 by introducing a longform element to the show.

52:45 – ‘Counterpoint’ – Analysing the form of the flawed FLASH series and why it fails.

1:25:00 – ‘Summary’ – Summarising the key writing techniques discussed.


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