The Story Toolkit is a weekly podcast for writers discussing the principles of storytelling, using the best and worst examples of Film, TV and Gaming.

From the art of action writing, to the beauty of longform storytelling, The Story Toolkit breaks down examples whilst highlighting the principles essential to every writer.

“Pretty darn good.” Tim Minear (FIREFLY, AMERICAN HORROR STORY) via Facebook. 

“Great show, good analysis.” J. Michael Straczynski (BABYLON 5, SENSE 8) via Twitter.  

“I love this podcast! I confess I didn’t know much about the writing process and now I feel informed and see movies in a new light.” John via iTunes. 

“If you have any interest in writing or creating art of any kind, do yourself a solid and listen to these guys.” Jason via Facebook. 

“Brilliant podcast, really entertaining, thoughtful and informative.” Willard Foxton (WHAT THE DAMBUSTERS DID NEXT, KINKY BRITAIN) via iTunes.  

“Loved it.” Dan via Twitter.

“Spending the weekend bingeing The Story Toolkit. Really enjoying it.” Mike via Twitter. 

The Story Toolkit is hosted by Bassim El-Wakil (co-author of Action: The Art of Excitement with Robert McKee) and Luke Lyon-Wall (comedy writer and part of the Storylogue team).